Victoria’s virus rules explained

As coronavirus interrupts the lives of Victorians there has been some confusion around what is and is not allowed as police have carried out almost 21,000 spot checks since March 21.


* Shop for food, beverage and essential items.

* Go to the GP/hospital in case of emergency.

* Exercise but must maintain social distancing. This includes seeing a personal trainer – but only one client at a time.

* Go to work or school/university if working/learning from home is not an option.

* Catch public transport – but only for one of the above permitted reasons.

* Parents can have their children minded if they need to leave the house for any of the four reasons.

* Send young children to a child care centre.

* Go to the hairdresser, but the federal advice remains only for 30 minutes and social distancing must be practised.

* Have a tradesperson come to your home but there must a 1.5m distance between you and them at all times.

* Play outdoor sports such as tennis, but only one court can be used at a time and no use of communal balls or equipment is allowed.

* Exercise at some beaches – this is determined by the local council. Swimming and surfing is still permitted at some beaches.

* Cycling, but only with the people you live with or one other person and 1.5m apart. Group rides are no longer allowed.

* Have food delivered, or pick up take away food and beverage

* Use a recreational facility for a wedding or funeral. Weddings may only have five people in attendance and funerals 10, with all guests socially distanced.


* A gathering of more than two people.

* Go to the movies, theatre, concerts, zoos, footy – all closed.

* Go to a cafe, restaurant or bar.

* Go for a leisurely drive.

* Drive long distances to exercise.

* Fishing and boating are prohibited, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, jet skiing, yachting, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

* Play golf or any team sports.

* Any beauty services including nails, waxing or massage.

* Visit family or friends they do not live with.

* Attend places of worship.

* Go to a gym or use outdoor work out equipment.

* Go swimming at a public pool, attend a yoga or pilates studio, play mini golf, go-karting or 인천출장마사지 paintballing.

* Go to a museum, library or art gallery.

* Attend a real estate auction.